Symptoms of Hemochromatosis

Late symptoms of hemochromatosis

Skin darkens and extraction gray-brown appearance. This gradual process initially starts from the skin folds. Subsequently, it expands, and the most affected are slantseizlozhenite body parts. The condition is called melanodermiya and due to the deposition of melanin in the skin and iron layers. Hair in the affected areas are also reduced.

Most involved in the pathological process Restrict is the liver. Cumulative iron gradually destroys the function of the organ parenchyma. Growing fibrous tissue. Develops cirrhosis. This is fertile ground cirrhosis for hepatocellular carcinoma, which is more than 200 times more common among these patients.

In the pancreatic insulin-producing cells also accumulates iron. At one time this leads to their destruction. Progressively decreasing insulin levels are the basis for unlocking diabetes, which is called “bronze diabetes” because of the accompanying skin hyperpigmentation. As for classic hemochromatosis is defined triad of liver disease, diabetes and bronze skin hyperpigmentation. However, these are late constellations of the disease.

Diagnosis is achieved on the basis of:

Laboratory researches;
Liver biopsy;
Genetic studies in suspecting congenital form of the disease;

What events in the healing process are bled. In the beginning they are performed once or twice a week in 500 ml each. They reduce the iron in the body in the blood because the metal is bound in the structure of hemoglobin. Subsequently bloodletting diluted to 3-4 times a year as maintenance therapy. The frequency is determined individually by the laboratory performance and condition of the patient.

Sometimes applied t. Pomegranate. Iron chelators. These are drugs that are introduced subcutaneously, pass into the blood, dissolved iron from the tissues and kidney removed.

Limited to foods containing iron. Such are the liver, spinach, nettles. In plants, the iron is less absorbable form, but the presence of vitamin C increases its suction in the intestine.

Hemochromatosis is a general concept. Sometimes the disease is self, in other cases – other concomitant pathology condition. Early symptoms include fatigue, drowsiness, decreased libido, menstrual disorders, joint complaints. Late manifestations are liver damage, skin changes and bronze diabetes.